Pilgrims – starteenagers

One can hardly find more relaxed teens in the world than those in “Republic Pilgrim”. The guys are always ready to compete in any kind of sports, even if it is sports dancing.

Similar to Pastor Gennadiy, for each pilgrim sports passion is characteristic and that is why any opportunity to show their talents gives to each teenager an amazing surge of adrenaline in blood.

As soon as pilgrims have been divided into teams a real fight for the title of the best is guaranteed! In one of such contests under the title “Star teenager” the kids and teen were divided into 2 teams: “Dance” and “Ukraine”. There was not easy task before the children – not only to show how they can dance synchronously, to be artistic, rallied as a team but to demonstrate their knowledge of various dancing styles.

After persistent fight the team “Dance” won but, nevertheless, all the partakers of “Star teenager” were content including the patriots from the team “Ukraine”. Sure enough – the sweet party was waiting for them! Have you leapt enough? It’s high time to regale!