To be in the 1st grade at the age of 14

Not so often in the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic “Pilgrim” the children come who never before sat at the school desk even at the age of 14. Sasha Chebotariov though felt somehow awkward sitting in the 1st grade with 7-year-olds; still he decided for himself that “it is never late to study”.

14-year-old Sasha told us that his life before “Pilgrim” was total nightmare. Little Sasha had to beg in the market places. The hard days of the boy’s childhood passed in such a way. His elder brother had got to “Pilgrim” long ago, now he lives in a foster family, goes in for sports professionally. Full of desperation and being undeceived in life Chebotariov junior decided to follow his brother’s step and what is why his feet themselves led him to “Pilgrim” ( he heard from his father that his brother was there).

Sasha Chebotariov: “When I came to “Pilgrim” I realized that there are conditions for the normal life. At the beginning I was upset that they couldn’t register in school officially but I attend all the classes. I started learning to read and write. Of course it is hard when everybody can do it and I can’t. It is not pleasant to be in the 1st grade at the age of 14”.

When Sasha grows up he plans to find a good job but today, – he says, – the most important for him is study.

Sasha Chebotariov: “I liked that the orphanage turned out to be Christian one. I attend church with a great pleasure; pray, and the Lord helps me. I realize that I’d vanish without “Pilgrim”. At first I underestimated it, but God changes me”.

Now Sasha has a special occasion to rejoice. The case is that pastor Gennadiy promised him to foster him. Sasha gets along very well with the guys living in the foster family “Guards” where the foster father is Gennadiy himself. He follows a principle in his life “you harvest what you sow” and it fully works in his life.

But it happens that on the Sasha’s cheeks the tears appear. These are the tears about his own father whose life had gone astray.

Sasha Chebotariov: “My Dad hasn’t seen my brother for 7 years already. But it is better for him not to intervene, not to destroy his peace because he’s got his new family now. My life is also getting better, and my study starts having some progress. I believe God will do my way. It is not only up to Him but up to my behavior too. If I pray, obey Him, don’t commit sins, don’t use foul language, everything will be ok”.