The banner of Mariupol has arrived at the capital of Poland.

The former street kids left the borders of Ukraine within the worldwide bike tour “ The World without orphans” and they continue their way along Europe. The first European country has become a friendly  Poland

The team has already visited the city of Zamosc, Lublin, Garvolin where the teens could be at the meeting with the city governments, mass media and most importantly with the families who already adopted kids being inspired by the dream about the world without orphans. In each city the partakers of the bike actions made mass events on central squares calling on people to take kids from orphanages.

In July 18th the team of the worldwide bike tour “The world without orphans” entered Warsaw where the former orphans from Mariupol raised a banner of Mariupol and Ukraine. Within the bike tour the former street kids will also go through Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and will finish this stage of their tour in the north of Germany.

 Thelengthofthegivenrouteis 5000 km. The bike tour will finish in the 4rth of September in Germany in the city of Bochum.

 We’d like to remind that the team is riding around the Globe to attract the public attention to the idea of adoption and to the solution of the problems of orphanhood in the world. On their way the partakers take part in the round tables, the meetings with  public organizations,  give interviews in Media and once again inspire people to adopt kids and take them into their families.

The result of the previous stages of the biek tour is thousands of adopted kids who now can grow in real families with their new parents.

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