The participants of the worldwide bike tour entered the city of Lviv

The participants of the worldwide bike tour entered the city of Lviv in the 11th of July and about 50 cyclists rode through the city center of Lviv within the bike action around the world "Ukraine and the world without orphans”.

The bike tour with the purpose to popularize the family forms of the raising orphans and kids deprived of parental care and to help the deprived children had been held on July 11-13. The organizer of the bike tour is All- Ukrainian public organization “Ukraine without orphans”.

The adoptive kids with their families, adoptive parents, children and graduates of orphanages, representative of public and charity organizations have already ridden on their bikes through Zhytomir, Novograd – Volynskyy, Rivne, Lutsk, Chervonograd, and entered Lviv and they will keep on riding through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany.

The city governments and regional authorities meet the participants at each of the places and support the organizers as much as they can. 16-year old Alexander takes part in the worldwide bike tour for the first time. “I have been going in for sports for a long time. I am not professional though. We ride about 50 km a day and the organizers watch for us not to be overtired and for us not to be exposed to sun for too long. We are looking forward to crossing the border to ride through Europe. They say the roads are better there. It is hard to ride through Lviv since there are paving stones and trams everywhere here. – Alexander shares.

The mayor of the city of Lviv Andrii Sadovyi met the cyclists at the City Hall. “I am so pleased that travelling around different countries you will be carrying truth about Ukraine and you will develop healthy conduct calling others to it. All the children equally deserve love, we should love them all. This is why I have a deep respect to those who share part of their heart with kids and they do it daily not in words but in deeds” – the mayor stated. In July 13th the bike tour’s getting through the border with Poland ( Rava- Russkaya – Grebenne) through the villages Bolshye Gribovishi and Bolshoi Doroshev, the Kulikov village, Premyvki – Soposhin – Zhovku, Volya – Vysotskyaya, Dobrosin and Rava – Russkaya.