The elections in the “Republic Pilgrim” were held in quite a heated atmosphere.

The elections in the rehabilitation center “ Pilgrim” is a great opportunity to teach the kids to take a responsibility on them and to develop their leadership gifs. The kids are convinced that in order for the Republic to prosper it must have a strong and honest government ahead of it.

This event has been a special one for the kids year after year. The was a debate day on the eve of the election day and all the citizens of the Republic could ask the questions that they have to the candidates and the answers could actually expose bad motives of some candidates and also the guys were able to get to know about the future plans of different ministries of the state of former street kids. Despite the great competition, the applicants for positions were not afraid, but rather inspired by the good return, since everyone prepared a worthy election program and a strong PR move. 

But still, in the struggle for seats, their candidates waited for the results in awe, because the elections were held according to all the requirements of international law, and the atmosphere in the race was quite heated.

As a result of the vote, Tatyana Ivanova won by a wide margin of votes. A good reputation, determination and responsiveness of the candidate led to the most important chair in the Republic. As the girl herself notes, for success she needed to just be herself, and not try to please everyone. She has many interesting events in her plans, a fighting spirit and genuine determination, which the new president of the republic wants to direct to improve the lives of residents.

Immediately after the election, the inauguration of the president and the blessing of the renewed government were held in a festive atmosphere.

We wish good luck to the new team and good changes in the Republic!