“The Hollywood party” of the Pilgrim’s talents.

Expensive, shocking and full of glitter - the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning the "Hollywood Party". The pilgrims created with their own hands the atmosphere of the cinematic city. They walked along the red carpet, and then received their Oscars.

The current talent parade took place in the “Republic of Pilgrim” under the spotlights and camera flashes, with various nominations and prizes. Each participant could walk along the red carpet under the enthusiastic glee of fans.  The outfits caused separate admiration. They were carefully selected for the appropriate image. Not only the guests, but also the participants themselves were delighted by the georgeous long dresses, impeccable makeup, high heels, jewelry, as well as  by the real costumes of famous superheroes that some participants were wearing. 

This format, quite unusual for former street kids, helped to see in many kids and teens their hidden capabilities, and removed the constraint and doubts about what they can do. The kids all of a sudden began to present themselves in a different way.

As Tatyana Karpukhina, the Director of the Center for Children’s Rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim” stated, such an expressive presentation helps not only newbies, but also everyone who’s been participating in annual talent competitions for several years, to realize their gifts and to express themselves. The kids themselves were also impressed. Their teamwork helped some of them to adjust better, some could build relationships with their peers and, of course, they were able to demonstrate their talents. 

Tension and interest escalated with every minute when the hosts of the party were preparing to announce the start of the awarding ceremony for the nominees of the prestigious Academy Award. Everyone in awe was looking forward to hearing the results. Everyone is worthy of the award since the kids tried their best to show their acting skills, dexterity and attentiveness in each contest.

The best of all the nominees were selected and the current “Hollywood Party” called them “new celebrities”.