The pilgrims’ mission. Visiting juvenile jail at St. Nickolay’s Day.

In the 18th of December the senior students from “Republic Pilgrim” visited local Juvenile jail No7 of Mariupol .

Since it was Saint Nickolay’s Day the pilgrims – missionaries have prepared special gifts for adolescents there. They were raising funds for these gifts themselves on charity fairs that they were organizing within the year. They bought a whole bunch of food, hygienic stuff and also the paints for painting exterior territory of the Juvenile facility. 

Thos in jail were very glad to get presents and enjoyed the talk they had with the pilgrims afterwards. In the very beginning the principle of “Republic Pilgrim” Tatyana Karpukhina greeted warmly those who have gathered there and then the chaplain of the prison ministry of the Church of God Changes – Edward Tyomniy added that it is never too late to start life from the blank sheet. Even if it seems like there is no way out, there is. The children in jails share how remorse they are that they have committed those crimes and that it is tough to be there. The police officers also said couple words, they admitted that although the conditions there are not too bad but still there is the atmosphere of oppression and misery, no joy at all, lots of limitations, and bad expectations are in the air since the guys in this jail are expecting their verdicts to be announced. And they know that nearest several years of their life won’t be too good. At the end of the meeting the president of “Republic Pilgrim” has sung a song and prayed for all of them. 

The head officer in the jail was not indifferent to the meeting, he was saying to the pilgrims that all these teens in jail are just kids but they have made a wrong decision. 

Tatyana Karpukhina, the principle of the center of children’s rehabilitation “Republic Pilgrim”: “We are glad to have this opportunity for ministry here. I must admit the pilgrims were very deeply impressed by what they saw in the place. They realized that it could have happened with them too. They were silent on their way back to Pilgrim. Severe atmosphere, metal bars, dogs’ barking made them think. I think it is worth visiting such place since one can realize that there are consequences to wrong actions and it is quite serious. I believe we’ll invite the officers from this facility to us for them to have a talk with all the rest of the pilgrims”.