The second edition of the book about former street kids “Non pedagogical poem” has been issued in Ukraine

The book is written on the basis of real stories of lives of street kids. Its goal is to give the readers opportunity to rethink their attitude to little vagabonds and to encourage them to be direct partakers of good changes in their lives.  Each chapter of “Non pedagogical poem” is accompanied with caricatures that illustrate a story happened to kids in “Republic Pilgrim”.

«Gennadiy possesses an incredible ability to do everything he touches great and significant: a scored goal, a street kid who learnt to read his first 10 letters at the age of 14, a Sunday sermon, a new TV program and sure enough his favorite fruit – “Republic Pilgrim”. He is the craziest pastor of all I know but there is something incredibly alive and natural in it, this is why I wish everyone to follow his example. Read this book and it will be much easier for you to do it”, – the Pastor of the church “Good news” of the city of Slavyansk (Ukraine) Sergey Demidovich shared.

 « God deeply touched my heart when I visited Mariupol. I am so moved by the work pastor Gennadiy does and how much he loves the kids. His state of “former street kids” can’t leave anyone indifferent, – the founder of HIV/AIDS initiative and “PEACE PLAN”, the spouse of Rick Warren (Saddleback Church, The USA) Kay Warren said.  I admire all the staff of the Charity Fund “Pilgrim”, starting with the pastor and ending with a cook. They love those kids so much and the kids undoubtedly respond to them with mutual love. I would like to come to “Republic Pilgrim” again to get to know more about this work, to cooperate with them more closely and to make my contribution to this work of God”.