The vocations are over but the Christmas mood is still in Pilgrim

There no more such holidays as Christmas and New Year, the most expected ones when folks wait for something new to start happening. The unforgettable impressions waited for pilgrim not only during the actual holidays they go on even after them.

The holidays in Pilgrim are always interesting and full of adventures. These winter holidays were not an exception. The kids were delighted by the theatre performance, movie theatres as well as ice skating rink.

Long before the New Year’s night the pilgrims alongside with their mentors prepared musical named “New Year’s story”. The costumes and best performances were awarded.

The New Year’s night in Republic Pilgrim was fabulous. The kids decorated the hall on their own, lit the candles and served the holiday table. It was a real home holiday. The puppy theatre under the title “Icy house” had a success too. There were quite a few guests in Republic Pilgrim at New Year’s night.

Couple minutes before the midnight everyone stood in a circle holding hands. Pastor Gennadiy encouraged the audience before the prayer. The holiday fireworks started sharp at midnight. A bit later the children and the mentor headed to the city center to join celebration of all the citizens of Mariupol by the decorated Christmas trees.

Oncoming back to Pilgrim the children were waited by unusual café where New Year’s wish or a smile can actually be a payment for the sweets.

In a few days the kids were celebrating Christmas.

Snow contributed to the holiday mood!

On the 7th January the pilgrims made a special present to the church. They went upon the stage in bright costume, sand and danced.

After Christmas service everyone headed to the pizza place named “Royal pizza”. Due to the sponsor help many of the children found themselves in a café for the first time in their entire life. The children were served on a high level. And the walk along the city of Mariupol with all the Christmas decorations and lights on finished the season.

Special thanks the former street kids would like to express to their friends from overseas due to whom these wonderful holidays could happen!