“You will be found” – the National Project of adoption started.

Automobile race started from Mariupol. More than 10 former street kids and now the pupils of the foster homes at the Charity Fund “Pilgrim” together with Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko started to the cities of Kursk, Oryol, St. Petersburg, Moscow, declaring the motto of the action “You will be found!” - “All things are possible with God”, - the adolescents used to say in each church where the action took place. The Mega dream of Gennadiy Mokhnenko, Sergey Demidovich and the management of the channel TBN – as ideological inspirers – in the nearest future there will be the lines of adults willing to adopt children and not vice versa. In the process of the action many people in churches made main decisions in their life – to adopt a child.

In all the cities where the participants of the action came they were met by the journalists who spoke to the adolescents and were present at the Services.

Already in the very Moscow the former street kids have been to The Red Square where they prayed for all destitute children of Russia and Ukraine. The children asked God for the situation to be completely changed and for people to stop fearing and to accept the destitute kids in their hearts.

Directly on the TV channel TBN the memorandum has been signed about the close cooperation, 8 TV programs have been made with the purpose to open the theme of adoption in the countries of the Former USSR, to conquer any fear and to change the thinking of Slavic nations on making adoption a part of our culture.

The workers of TBN were conquered by the Pilgrims and the President of “Republic “Pilgrim” Vyacheslav Smyslov was given the firm watch with the emblem of the TV channel.

Gennadiy Mokhnenko is convinced that this is only beginning. The first 13000 feet were passed successfully. Almost at once the fruits were seen, which in future will let to see one of the biggest God’s miracles: each child in Ukraine and Russia will be found.

In the late October pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko plan to continue the race around Russia with the Pilgrims.