Pizza for “Young Mothers”

For mothers with their kids who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, it is enough just to go to the cinema and a pizza place to enjoy themselves with their kids and escape from everyday problems. Many of the mothers grew up in unfavorable conditions; they never saw cafes, cinemas or other cultural events.

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The Pilgrims’ contest “Boys vs Girls”

Quarantine does not interfere with the cultural program in the lives of former street kids. The “Boys vs Girls” contest was held the other day in the ” Republic Pilgrim “. Taking part in an unusual duel the girls answered questions about football, brands and the history of car production, and the boys talked about modern fashion brands, the intricacies of women’s makeup and hair styling.

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From a street kid into a policeman

Sergei (the name is changed) is only nine years old, and he already knows firsthand what the street, cigarettes and alcohol are. After his stepfather appeared in his family, the boy decided that he could not be his authority, and therefore began to run away from home, lived on the street and became familiar with many police officers in the city.

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