New kids in the project “Young mother”

In the freezing January evening at the threshold of the building where the project “Young mother” is located a girl of 18 showed up with her 4-month-old daughter Vika. The child was in a very bad condition, so cold and dirty. She was directed to the fund “Pilgrim” by the local authorities – regional service of youth and family, they were asking the fund workers to render the help to the mother with the baby since their lives had been exposed to risk.

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The Pilgrims are for “Africa without orphans”

On February 4 th the international team of missionaries from Ukraine, Russia and the US initiated by Gennadiy Mokhnenko has started to Equatorial Africa for the 5 th time, they went to Kenya to work in local orphanages, to render help to black street kids and orphans. This time there are 43 people in the team, they all were doing fundraising, raised food, medications, clothes, toys etc. to support and to improve living conditions of the poorest layers of population of the Earth.

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Latvia must become a country without orphans

At the end of this week the group of cyclists rode into Riga within the worldwide journey under the motto” The world without orphans”. All of them are former street kids who once were fostered by the pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko – the founder of the largest in the countries of CIS children’ rehab center “Republic Pilgrim”. As the priest shared in the interview to the program of the Latvian radio 4 “ day by day” his purpose here is to debunk the myths and stereotypes about adoption that exist in the Latvian society

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